judge_hebron.jpgDo you have a recommendation for improving Wood County's quality of life? This is your forum to be heard!


Fill out a Wood County Improvement Recommendation Form to have your recommendation submitted to the Wood County Economic Development Commission.

Once submitted, your recommendation will be routed to the Commission's appropriate sub-committee where a diverse team of professionals and experts will review your recommendation and determine implimentation steps to put a strategic plan into action to solve the issue you've identified.

The Commission's sub-committes are comprised of professionals and experts in the fields of economic development, public safety, transportation & infrastructure, education, government relations, finance, health & human services, and arts & culture. Best of all, each of our teams comprises of individuals who are passionate about improving Wood County!

Wood County is our community, our haven, our home. Submit your recommendation today so that you can have a voice in creating a better, brighter future for our county.

By participating in this program, you are solidifying your role as a stakeholder in your county!